About me

Ten years ago, feminism, understood as a women's community, that puts on a pedestal values ​​​​such as equality, self-strength, solidarity, beauty and unity, which we all represent, became an extremely important part of my soul. It permanently entered my list of fundamental concepts and made me realize that no matter what I decide to do in my life, I am sure that I want to follow this path.
La Louve has been sprouting in my head for a long time. However, I always knew that if I want everything to work as intended and create a perfect product, it will have to be a slow and complex process. Therefore, today, as I present you my "child" I can say with absolute certainty that each one of you in the house of "she-wolf" will find femininity, elegance, support, tolerance and a great desire to understand your needs.
As a wigmaker, with great attention to detail, I fulfill my passion and dreams by offering you the highest quality hair. I'm a slavic girl, lover of art and nature. I come from areas, where one can admire the most silky and delicate hair - from which I am creating for you every unit, with enormous dedication to details, making every unit a work of art.
I have deepened my knowledge in the field of wigmaking for many years. Thanks to this I can say with great regret that the majority of wigs on the market do not meet the basic principles of their creation.
Therefore, full of faith and hope that each of us wants a unique and high quality product, in a world full of everything, with great joy I invite you to a place that arose from passion and love, where every wig is created with respect for people and nature.
I am here for you, I believe in you and I care about you. Lets put these crowns on our heads and conquer the world together.
With a romantic vision