How do I know my size?

Please check out our sizing chart here .

The wig I wanted is sold out, when will it be restocked?

If the wig you wanted was from a "one in a million collection", unfortunately it will never be restock. It's made of a unique combination of virgin hair and it's impossible to make exactly the same mix of hair, as slavic hair comes in huge variety of colors and structure. However, we update our shop every month, and it's possible you will find something similar. We also accept few custom orders per month, so we can try to recreate the look you want or let you choose hair you want.

Why do you sell only a few units at a time?

There are a few reasons. First one is that we are not a factory , more like an artistic atelier with only few wigmakers that can make 1-2 wigs a month depending on the style. Second one is that Slavic hair is very difficult to stock , as it's a rare precious gem on the market. Third reason is that we are a small family company, Russian/Slavic hair prices vary between EUR 4,000 - EUR 10,000 / per kilo, and we are able to stock only a few kilo at a time.

What type of hair do you use?

We use the finest virgin slavic hair mostly from Russia, but we also personally collect our hair in Ukraine and Poland. Occasionally we buy hair from Uzbekistan , as the hair is thin and silky just like slavic hair , but the difference is it comes in deep wavy and curly textures.

How long do your wigs last?

The lifespan of a LA LOUVE wig is determined by how well it is taken care of. Usually the wig should last you for years, however you need to follow our 10 HOW TO guide to maintain it in it's best shape.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes , however you have to check if your country is on our shipping list. You can find all informations about shipping here .

Do you use REMY hair?

Yes. We use only virgin hair and collect it personally to be sure of it's highest quality. We collect ponytails directly from a person which means we are 100% sure all hairs go in the same direction. We collect only healthy non-dyed hair to provide you the most luxurious experience in the world.

Do you offer repairs?

After years of wearing a wig or not so proper care, the wig may need a repair in some places, which we can handle for you for an additional cost. Please note we can only repair authentic La Louve wigs.

What kind of shampoo should I use?

We recommend to use a proffesional shampoo you can get at a hairdresser ,and choose one dedicated to a hair type of your wig. For example naturally curly hair will need special conditioning to maintain it's beauty.

Can I return my order?

Due to a hygienic reasons units cannot be returned. Please view our refund policy here .

Do you offer different lace colors?

At the moment we offer variety of lace colors only for custom orders.